Monday, December 22, 2008

Animal Protection,

We set up this non-profit animal protection association, which functions only through the financial support obtained through donations and sponsorships, with the purpose of being close to these mute creatures whose eyes are asking mercy and help from us. We have always loved animals and tried to protect them. From 1995, we changed headquarters from Arad to the outskirts of a village, near a town. As we had some land around the building, we could rescue abandoned dogs and cats, which we maintained from our own resources. In 2007, we managed to legally set up APAM, hoping that there are people who love animals and want to help them through us, assuring them that the financial and material effort will only be used for animals’ rescuing and maintenance.Please visit

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Fenghar The Nord said...

You look like a very healthy woman. I'd love to love dogs with you if only I had the time.