Thursday, November 11, 2010


Maybe that us too, animals, must suffer first in order to be able then to appreciate the future life that can be better than the one we came in the world, in families for which we were just insignificant objects thrown away at the garbage when we were not useful anymore. So it happened with me too, I was born there where no one was happy about that excepting when they got read of me giving me to a family to guard their property. I believed my life will be a good one, that I will sometimes be the center of attention, especially because I was listening everything I was told, I was so submitted and not disturbing anyone and I hoped I will receive a small comfort from the ones I was serving with believe and devotion. But years passed by and I learned that my place is the one of a guard dog who receives a piece of dry bread not to starve and sometimes the leftovers from their meal, in the rest I didn’t exist , no one was asking me how I was doing or how I was feeling like, if I was satisfied of my life, if I’m hurt or in pain. So it happened that nobody saw the tumor growing and covering my eye and other two more tumors on my body by the time those were already huge and I was looking terrible and then they looked for a way to get read of me, finding the solution to abandon me in the street. So I ended up hidden under a car for nobody to see me and kill me and during the night I was getting out looking for some food leftovers. One day, when I thought my life is about to end, that nobody wanted me anymore, a car came and a nice and young lady came out of it and noticed me and called me to her. I never heard such a sweet voice calling me and I admit I was very afraid to go to her but luckily she insisted and did not leave me there, she took me with her, took me to surgery and then she found this beautiful place for me where any animal would wish to get to. Here at APAM I became a star, everybody is asking me how I feel, are comforting me, I receive so many good things that I never believed that exist. At the beginning I was not answering, I was standing scared in a corner and I was eating stealthy the goods from my plate, but seeing that I’m always patted and cleaned at my eyes I gained confidence, I learned to wag my tail, to bark and to express my opinion and my issues. I could not imagine that after so many years of suffering I can live so loved and happy, to become such an important dog here, and that is why I kindly ask you, in my name and in the name of my other friends here, to help this beautiful team of people who love us and who are making for us a better life, us who were once such underprivileged animals.

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